Wire Band Machine

The Wire Band Machine is gluing the wire as wire band, which employs the newest electromagnetic heating device to improve the safety and efficiency of the production line. It helps to decrease power consumption by over 70%.In addition, the glue mold utilizes enhanced technology which significantly decreases the consumption of glue.

Motor Power: 380V, 3 PHASE, 50HZ, 3.0+3.0KW

Weight: 1000kg

Dimension: 20*0.5*1.8m

Wire Band Width: 150mm

Production Speed: 0-20m/min


  1. 1.Using electromagnetic heating, saving electricity 80% compared with ordinary heating.

  2. 2.Avoid the risk of fire by using electromagnetic heating.

After-sales service: We can provide product instructions, machine debugging videos.You also can add our engineer Wechat group to ask for solutions ,and even we supply oversea service to apoint our engineer to the customers' factory for debugging the machines.

wire band machine
wire band machine
wire band machine.
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