Wire Flattening Machine

Wire flattening machine is the first step machine in making staples and nails. It can help to flatten the wire to our demanded size. Its working is starting from a coil of wires feeding into the machine mold, then the galvanized wire will be compressed into the flatting wire.  

Motor Power: 380V, 3 PHASE, 50HZ, 3KW

Weight: 480kg 

Dimension: 2000*800*1200mm

Wire Diameter: 0.42-1.8mm

Production Speed: 300m/min


  1. 1.Adopt water cooling device to improve the accuracy of flattening.

2.Adopt alloy stepped pulley, which are 10 times more durable than ordinary one.

After-sales service: We can provide product instructions, machine debugging videos.You also can add our engineer Wechat group to ask for solutions ,and even we supply oversea service to apoint our engineer to the customers' factory for debugging the machines.

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