KY Pneumatic Nail Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in all kinds of staples & nails, staple and nail making machinery manufacturing and selling, founded in 1995, located in Dongguan city, Guangdong China.

Our main products include 15-16GA heavy duty staples (100,N,P,SB series,etc.),18-19GA medium wire staples(4K,90,92 series,etc.),20-23GA fine wire staples(10J,4J,80,380,84,97,10F,13,16,71 series,etc.),18GA brad nails F series,16GA brad nails T series,office staples(No.10,23,24,26 series,etc.),carton closing staples(35,32 series,rolling carton staples,etc.),coil nails and special fasteners (hog rings,corrugated fasteners,etc.); the machinery covers staples and brad nails making machines,single wire staple making machine(hog rings,C ring,etc.);furthermore, our engineers and skillful technical staff are also able to design and develop the machines at customer's request.

Inspection of Machines by Third Party Company

Mexico customer appointed a third party company to inspect the mattress clip machine and hog ring machine which are going to be shipped.

Best Wire straightening machine Supplier

It is usually used with any kinds of staples and nails making machine to get perfect quality.

KY Introto Wire Straightening Machine KY,Our machine has been designed in compliance with all related industry standards as well as requirements and also passed CE certificate.

KY Best Wire straightening machine Supplier,We can deliver machine in 15 days at the soonest.

Preparation Before Shipment Machines' Packing And Delivery

Preparation before shipment, we will use stretch film to cover the machines and put it into wooden case.

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