80 Staple Fine Wire Staple Making Machine Factory Price - KY

80 Staple Fine Wire Staple Making Machine Factory Price - KY

80 Staple Making Machine

The raw material we use are sourced from reliable suppliers to ensure the machines' stability and durability.We will deliver machine in 15 days at the soonest.





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80 staple making machine

We provide two solutions for our customers.

1.wire band + wire straightening machine+ U  staple making machine

2.wire flattening machine + wire gluing machine + wire straightening machine + U staple making machine

Motor Power: 380V, 3 PHASE, 50HZ, 5.5KW



Suitable Size: 10J、10F、13、23、16、50、P88、71、80、84、53、97、98 series staple(change mold)


1.Adopt PLC automatic control, people can choose manual, semi-automatic, automatic production.

2.The length of nails can be adjusted,and the error range of feeding length is 0.1mm.

3.Equipped with the automatic packing arrangement machine,reduce the labor intensity of packing workers.

4.Automatic production speed: 100-160 pieces/minute, speed can be adjusted.

5.The machine is equipped with automatic lubricating oil supply system to ensure the life of the mold.

6.Mold are made of special materials, stable and durable.

7.The machine has automatic protection device, current overload protection, overload power off protection and other functions.

After-sales service: We can provide product instructions, machine debugging videos.You also can add our engineer Wechat group to ask for solutions ,and even we supply oversea service to apoint our engineer to the customers' factory for debugging the machines.

About KY

Founded in 1995, Dongguan KY Pneumatic Nail Co., Limited is a 25-year-old business. We have been specializing in all kinds of pneumatic staples, nails and nail making machinery with strong technical force and production abilities. Our main products include industrial staple, brad nail, U-shaped pneumatic nail and so on. Pneumatic nail making machines are included galvanized wire drawing and flattening machine, galvanized wire flattening machine, wire winding and gluing machine, pneumatic nail hydraulic forming machine, hydraulic forming machine for U staples,equipment for office staple,pneumatic nail aligning machine, C-shaped nail making machine. We also offer complete customization services based upon customer’s exact specifications and plans. What’s more, our factory is located in Chashan Town of Dongguan City, closed to Shenzhen port, Guangzhou port, and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The convenient logistic network ensures in-time delivery, and easy visiting during canton fair.


1.Do you provide overseas technical support?
Yes,we can appoint our engineer to go to customers' factory.
2.How long is your warranty?
We provide one-year warranty and lifetime service for customers.
3.How long is the delivery time?
Around 10-15 days.

Why choose us?

1.The raw material we use are sourced from reliable suppliers to ensure the machines’ stability and durability.
2.We can deliver machine in 15 days at the soonest.
3.We have more than 20 years of experience in machine manufacture.
4.We provide one-year warranty, video operation instruction and oversea technical support.

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