U Staple Making Machine

U staple making machine employs the newest mold unit,which enables users to simply adjust the mold when changing the nail,rather than replacing it.A single set of molds covers a wide specification of pneumatic nails.With the addition of a water cooling device,the U staple making machine will run stably even in regions with hot climates.

And we provide two solutions for our customers.

1.wire band + wire straightening machine+ U  staple making machine

2.wire flattening machine + wire gluing machine + wire straightening machine + U staple making machine

80 Staple Fine Wire Staple Making Machine Factory Price - KY
80 Staple Fine Wire Staple Making Machine Factory Price - KY
80 Staple Making MachineThe raw material we use are sourced from reliable suppliers to ensure the machines' stability and durability.We will deliver machine in 15 days at the soonest.
Automatic packing machine
Automatic packing machine
Automatic arrangement of nails, it is convenient for workers to put into the box.It is often used with U staple making machine.
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