Pin Making Machine

Motor Power: 4KW, 50Hz, 380V, 3 PHASE



Suitable Size:P06,08,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,25,30 pin

Production Speed: 100-160 pcs/min, 

Its working speed is adjustable.

This machine includes mainly three parts:hydraulic punch machine, a forming mold and a feeding machine; it also includes electronic elements and parts.


1.Adopt PLC automatic control, people can choose manual, semi-automatic, automatic production.

2.The length of nails can be adjusted,and the error range of feeding length is 0.1mm.

3.Equipped with the automatic packing arrangement machine,reduce the labor intensity of packing workers.

4.Automatic production speed: 100-160 pieces/minute, speed can be adjusted.

5.The machine is equipped with automatic lubricating oil supply system to ensure the life of the mold.

6.Mold are made of special materials, stable and durable.

7.The machine has automatic protection device, current overload protection, overload power off protection and other functions.

After-sales service: We can provide product instructions, machine debugging videos.You also can add our engineer Wechat group to ask for solutions ,and even we supply oversea service to apoint our engineer to the customers' factory for debugging the machines.

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